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Physical Games For Seniors

Physical Games For Seniors

With dozens of activities available at independent and assisted living facilities, we’ve compiled a list of the best physical games for seniors. Whether the goal is to exercise, socialize or stimulate the mind, these four games are perfect for today’s active senior citizens.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball’s history goes back further than one would ever guess. The sport’s first reference dates back to 5200 B.C., in fact. English scientist, Sir Francis Petrial, discovered a painting of two children playing the sport of Bocce Ball in an ancient Egyptian Tomb. By 600 B.C. the sport had made its way to Greece, eventually gaining popularity in Holland, Flanders and Belgium, as well. In 1896, the sport took center stage, with the first Bocce Olympiad being held in Athens. The Bocce boom officially began taking place in the United States by the late 1980’s, paving the way for it to become one of the most popular games for seniors today.

Game Rules

Open Bocce is perfect for casual Bocce players due mostly to the ability to play seemingly anywhere. Eight balls, plus a pallino (smaller ball) can be used for up to 2, 4, 6 or 8 players on the same court. A random participant is chosen to throw the pallino, which is the same player who tosses the first bocce ball. This participant is now considered “inside” because his or her ball is now closet to the pallino, by default. This player loses his second turn until a different player puts their ball closer to the pallino. All players now throw their own ball, with the closest to the pallino awarded one point. Additional points are earned for every one of the leader’s balls closer to the pallino than opponent’s balls. The frame is over after all players have tossed their balls, with 13 total points awarded for the overall winner.

Health Benefits

Bocce Ball is ideal for stress relief, mental stimulation, and can improve flexibility.


Yoga is a highly effective practice for senior citizens. The controlled body positions, stretches and focus are perfect for mental and physical well-being. Achieving deep spiritual tranquility is a main priority for all yoga participants. The practice of yoga is believed to be more than 5,000 years old, and remains common today, especially among seniors. Yoga is a great way to stretch and exercise one’s body and spirit.

Health Benefits

Of the multiple benefits from yoga, weight loss is at the top of the list. With the weight reduction, metabolism is balanced, as well. Blood sugar and blood pressure could lower as a result of yoga participation. Increased muscle strength, flexibility and balance could come courtesy of yoga. The activity has been proven to improve cardiovascular and blood circulation.


Shuffleboard began being played in English pubs around the 15th century. The game has constantly changed and adapted with the times, but the rules have remained generally the same. For seniors, this is by far one of the most popular sports to play today.

Game Rules

As stated in the previous outline, rules of the game can be altered, but the objectives have always been in place. Outdoor and indoor versions of shuffleboard can vary, while undoubtedly requiring skill to emerge victorious. A player wins when reaching a score of 15, but some tournaments may require 21 points as the benchmark. Taking alternate turns, each player slides their four weights across the opponent’s board. The objective is simple: slide your weights into the area with the highest available scoring value. Players can knock an opponent’s weights off the board with their own weights, or use them to protect their score on the other end of the board.

Health Benefits

Shuffleboard reduces stress, while increasing heart rate at the same time. Mental stimulation is an added benefit to the obvious workout for several muscle groups.

Line Dancing

It is recommended that all human beings, especially seniors, should incorporate at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in their daily routine. A great way to hit that goal is by participating in line dancing classes. Line dancing is great for the heart, and above all else keeps you healthy and in shape. The activity is perfect for beginners who may not have the greatest rhythm or timing when it comes to the world of dance.

Health Benefits

Line dancing has a plethora of health benefits. The obvious benefits include improving stamina, balance and posture. The constant movement has been shown to lower stress and improve stamina over time. In addition, an avid line dancer should see a lowered risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Find Independent Living In Sedona

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Senior Living Sedona

If you are searching for Senior Living in Sedona, Arizona, Sedona Winds can help. We offer assisted living, independent living, and memory care services.

Who wouldn’t want to retire in Sedona! Sedona Winds Retirement Community is located in the heart of Sedona’s Village of Oak Creek, right next to everything you or your loved one will need… spectacular shopping, amazing restaurants, top notch golf courses, and medical centers. Sedona Winds is one of the best locations in Northern Arizona for a Retirement Community!

Assisted Living In Sedona, AZ

Seniors that can benefit from daily help but who are not totally dependent may be a good reason to move to a assisted living facility. There are many advantages to living in assisted living, and with most things, some will come with drawbacks. That is why it’s imperative for family members and their loved ones to have an honest and sincere talk early on about their living alternatives.

Learn more about assisted living in Sedona

Independent Living In Sedona, AZ

Independent living is housing meant for seniors that are near the age of 55 or older. Housing for these seniors will range in types such as separate housing, retirement communities, and apartments. Senior housing will have a warm setting and are designed purposely to let seniors get around easier. Plus, all the yard and grounds maintenance will be done for them.

Learn more about independent living in Sedona

Memory Care In Sedona, AZ

Memory care is a distinctive type of long term senior care that has been designed to focus on certain needs of those who suffer from memory issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  A caretaker may not have the ability to give a senior the care they require 24 hours a day, and most homes are not equipped to support the individual needs of those suffering memory loss.

Learn more about memory care in Sedona

Sedona Winds Retirement Community Is Located In Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Winds is located at 405 Jacks Canyon Rd, Sedona, AZ 86351 on the southwest corner of Suncliffe Dr. and Jacks Canyon Rd. Get in touch with us to schedule a tour at one of our facilities.

Find Senior Living In Other Areas Of Arizona

Senior Living Services (SLS Communities) has many different senior living options in Arizona.

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Moving A Parent With Dementia into Assisted Living

how to move a parent with dementia into assisted living

If you are searching for “how to move a parent with dementia into assisted living“, this post should help!

While there aren’t any correct guidelines for when it is time to move a loved one into an assisted living community, however, you can be looking for signs that it is time to move them to assisted living or memory care facility.

One of the main issues is that people set tough guidelines. You may have to move a loved one if they start to forgetting their name or if they forget how to use the bathroom, but it is feasible that your loved one will not experience those changes. In the mean time, you and your loved ones can be hanging in there trying to care for someone who has dementia and they may benefit by moving to an assisted living facility.

Indications That It’s Time For Assisted Living

It is imperative to be looking out for any of these signs that it is time to move your loved one to a assisted living facility:

  1. Your loved one with dementia is not safe in their home.

One of the main reasons that you need to move your loved one into assisted living is when there isn’t adequate resources to safely care for a loved one who has dementia. It is suggested that you take a look at these safety concerns to help gauge your loved one’s circumstances:

  • Has your loved one fallen down lately? Has it occurred more than once?
  • Have they become physical combative to others or yourself?
  • Are they having trouble when they try to cook?
  • Are they capable to make meals and store them safely?
  • Are they eating normally? Are they gaining/ losing abnormal amounts of weight?
  • Are they forgetting their medication doses? Are they taking too much of their medication?
  • Are they starting to lose track of where they are when they are not at home?
  • Are they driving, when they are not supposed to?
  • Are they susceptible to a financial scam or have been deceived by one?
  1. You are starting to get drained.

Getting burned out is basically a blanket term that means a lot of circumstances are challenging for a caregiver. Some can become physically drained because of the needs of their loved one, and then it takes a toll on their health. Others can get emotionally exhausted, feel that they need to escape themselves, or get socially inaccessible. Try not to get angry, it can only make the circumstances worse.

Guilt also fits into burn out. If you have been locked into constantly being stressed, inadequately equipped to care for your loved one, or flustered. If you have feeling of guilt for having those thoughts or feeling, then it is time to begin to look into dementia care. Guilt is what you feel if you think you have done something wrong. Being frustrated that a loved one was diagnosed with dementia or just hoping that you had more free time to care for them, is not something you should feel guilty over.

  1. Your loved one who is diagnosed dementia is disinterested.

Whenever your loved one is starts asking what you are doing, tagging you around, they most likely bored. Assisted living communities have events that are specifically designed for people who have dementia and it also allows people to be with others who are in the same situation.

It is about giving them reason and purpose in their day. Don’t feel bad if you stopped meeting these needs. Caregivers can be hampered that they forget that the person that has dementia isn’t getting the stimulus they need and decline may come faster.

Do your Assisted Living Homework

Accepting that you will have to start looking for dementia care is the first step in a lengthy process. To help find a community near you that specializes in assisted living, Caring.com will provide a large directory of assisted living communities all over the nation. There you will be able to find information about the care provided as well as consumer reviews.

Here Are Some Other Steps To Help You In Your Research:

  1. Get in touch with the Alzheimer’s Association.

You can reach out to your local Alzheimer’s Association who can give you with crucial information about resources and even more the emotional and social reinforcement that you will need as you go through the process.

  1. Begin looking into dementia care sooner than later.

Take time and research facilities in your area early on, so there’s not a need to make a careless decision during a bad situation. Understanding whenever you pick assisted living that doesn’t have memory care, there may be additional costs.

Ensure that you access the activity programs as it will help to provide enough stimulation for the brain of your loved one for a better quality of life.

  1. Hire a Geriatric Care specialist.

There are professionals who specialize in advising caregivers’ research options for assisted living. The advantage of hiring these professionals is to help you locate a great match for your loved one which will make the conversations much easier, because they are able to help with discussions about the move.

  1. Consult with an attorney.

Optimally, you, your loved one and family will take care of the financial and legal arrangement issues after they are diagnosed. Your loved one who has dementia can and should be included in outlining their care choices as dementia beings to progress.

This process needs to give caregivers the power of attorney and health mandates which can help when it is time to move. If you don’t have these in place, and your loved one is refusing the much needed move, you have 2 alternatives:

  • You could establish a web of volunteer and paid care at home as well as daily itineraries.
  • You can also hire an attorney to deal with the legalities that are needed to give you the power to make the choices for them.
  1. Do your research so you can better understand dementia.

There are specific things that will develop with the disease; it doesn’t matter where your loved one is living. Accepting how dementia will alter your loved one can help you to know how you, your loved one and family can handle the situation you are in as a group.

Tips To Make The Move To Assisted Living Notably Easier

Tip 1. Invite them to lunch

If your loved one is still a bit hesitant about moving into an assisted living community, invite them to make a couple lunch visits or attend planned activities at some of the places that you have been looking at. Make these activities social and fun which can increase the warm friendliness within the communities.

Tip 2. Get paired up with other residents

Ask the staff to pair you up with 1 or 2 other tenants who are social and friendly. Don’t discuss with your loved one that you are arranging for them to live there. Instead introduce them to the tenants. Take this for instance: “This is my dad, Freddie. He loves to cook.” After you have stepped in a couple of more times, propose that they spend a bit more time there with their new found friends. Later, give them the great news that there is a great room available where he can stay for a couple of days.

Tip 3. Tell them it’s just a brief stay

Those who have dementia that may not want to move, but you can make the change much easier if you tell them that it is just momentary and for a realistic reason. For example, you could tell them that they need to be out of the house so that you can have the roof looked at, or that they need to go a place where their health can be taken care of for a little bit.

Tip 4. Help make preparations

Families will often prepare the apartment, by picking and decorating it in the facility and then cooperate with staff so that everyone will know what the reason for this move is. Once they are involved in the community, they will accept their permanent circumstances.

You will want to keep your tone as upbeat as possible; it will be hard, and bury the guilty feelings that you may have. It will be hard to lie to your loved one, but you need to understand that telling the truth could in reality, harm them.

Tip 5. Don’t make your first visit long and drawn out

Once your loved one has finally moved in, make sure to keep your first visit short and sweet. Be sure and keep the conversation positive as can be. They will most likely ask when they will be going home. Refrain from telling your loved that they are living there now, and just deflect the conversation by talking about like new friends, and what they are eating. Keep in contact with the facility staff. If they report that your loved one was agitated after the visit, you may want to give them a little more time to adjust to their new home before you start regularly visiting.

The decision about your moving your loved one to dementia care needs to be a family choice. The only guideline is to make the decision with your team, which involves your loved one with dementia, you, your family and the doctor.

Sedona Winds Offers Assisted Living In Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Winds Retirement Community is an assisted living facility in Sedona, Arizona. For more information about our assisted living facility, contact SLS Communities or to schedule a tour, please call us today at 928-284-9077.


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Assisted Living Checklist: What To Ask & What To Look For

Checklist For Assisted Living Sedona

You may be looking for a checklist for assisted living that will help you in your search and what you need to look for in an assisted living facility, read below!

When you are choosing an assisted living facility, it’s essential that you ready yourself. There are small differences between each assisted living community, they are never similar.

In making your decision you need to be organized. Below is a small checklist you can print and take with you. Be sure you always correlate the differences between each community. Ask questions which will help you in deciding which assisted living community is right for you or your loved one.

Assisted Living Checklist

Below is an assisted living checklist you can use when you go for a visit or call an assisted living facility. Simply print our Assisted Living Checklist to insure you ask the more important questions like:

  • Are the staff members allowed to administer medications?
  • Do their staff members have experience with diagnosing a recipient’s condition?
  • How much staff does the night shift have?
  • Do you have nurses staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  • What is their staff to resident ratio?
  • What types of apartments do they have available?
  • What kind of experience and training does your staff have?
  • Are there evaluations administered prior to admission?
  • How do you describe your residents?
  • What is the monthly cost for the different types of apartments?
  • What is their policy on payments and billing?
  • How does their release process work?
  • Is there a waiting list? If so, how long is the wait?
  • Do the monthly fees cover all of your services offered? If not, what are the costs for your extra services?

Assisted Living Tour Checklist

Below you will find an assisted living tour checklist to help you find out what to look for when taking a tour of the assisted living facility.

  • Focus on the level of cleanliness.
  • Watch an activity or community event.
  • Are the staff members appearing friendly and approachable?
  • Check out the outdoor areas or courtyard, is it well kept and managed?
  • Ask their security and staff questions, how do they react?
  • Eat a meal with the residents, does the meal seem okay?
  • Speak with some residents. Do they like the community?
  • Ask some questions about personal care.
  • Ask more about the move-out and move-in criteria.
  • Follow your instincts.

More About Sedona Winds Assisted Living 

Sedona Winds Retirement Community is a lot more than just your regular retirement community. At Sedona Winds we offer Assisted Living and Memory Care. We are located in Sedona, Arizona. Our Community offers several options to meet all of your needs. We are conveniently located by everything you may need, including amazing restaurants, wonderful shopping, scores of golf courses, educational centers, sports stadiums, and medical offices all within just a few miles.

Sedona Winds is one of the best retirement locations in the Sedona Area. Our Retirement Community is built for seniors who are looking for a lifestyle that is not only exciting and active, but also interesting.

Find Out About Assisted Living in Sedona, Arizona

To find out more about assisted living give Sedona Winds Assisted Living Community a call today at 928-284-9077.

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Biggest Reasons To Retire In Arizona

Biggest Reasons To Retire In Arizona

I you are searching for the “biggest reasons to retire in arizona“, this post should help. There is a great reason why Arizona has been a great retirement spot for many years now. In fact, over 50 years ago, the first retirement area was developed within the United States. It was called an active adult community which is still located within Sun City, Arizona. It is quite obvious about why people are picking Arizona for their retirement years. It is not just because of the days of sun that it offers, or all of the great golf courses. Take a look at some of the biggest reasons for a person to retire to Arizona and discover why it may be the right place for you.

Biggest Reasons For A Person To Retire To Arizona

One of the biggest reasons for picking Arizona to retire in is going to be the benefits of not being taxed on Social Security checks by the state. Those who happen to live on a fixed income will understand the importance of making money go as far as possible, just as they know its best when taxes are in their favor. Arizona is great for a retiree as it is a tax friendly state and they won’t tax your Social Security Benefits, which is big these days. Over half of the states in the United States will tax your Social Security Benefits.

We have taken the time and compiled the information that is needed for you to make that big choices about where you want to live after you retire. Here you will find some of the top reasons for making Arizona the top place to retire to.

Outdoor Activities in Arizona

Arizona has a lot of outdoor activities to offer like skiing, which can be done in Flagstaff, hang gliding across the desert, white water rafting, Championship golf courses and plenty of fishing on the Colorado River.

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon National Park and even Red Rock State Park which is located near Sedona, which includes many other parks. Arizona has plenty of fabulous and free entertainment. Arizona is also the place to go if you happen to have really bad allergies. This is because of the dry air and climate that it offers what the rest of the country can’t, and that is allergy relief.

Then there is Arizona’s Grand Canyon that is the epicenter of desert golf, and it has more than 70 public golf courses and each one is highly ranked which attracts millions of golf enthusiasts.

You can even have the great outdoors in your backyard. There is plenty of wildlife that you can view such as bobcats, roadrunners, javelinas which is like a furry pig, coyotes, and snakes. Most of Arizona doesn’t have snow, which means you don’t have to worry about shoveling snow.

World Class Arabian Horse Show

In 1995 Scottsdale started their Arabian Horse Show, which features more than 2000 of the most alluring Arabian horses in the whole world. Thousands of people come from all over the globe to watch trainers, owners and breeders that come from around the world to compete. You are able to visit more than 300 different booths and vendors that are having demonstrations, showcasing food and various seminars.

There is also a city that will fit style in Arizona. Phoenix, is a highly affordable yet livable city. Sedona is considered to be a spiritual haven and is a visual miracle. Flagstaff is located at a higher elevation when compared to the rest of the state which makes it cooler and the scenery is so breathtaking that it attracts outdoor enthusiasts and offers a liberal contingency. Not to mention that is located close to Phoenix for those who want to go to the big city ever so often. Phoenix, Arizona is the home to rock star Alice Cooper. One of the biggest events in Arizona is the Arizona State Fair which attracts more than 1 million visitors to Arizona to enjoy rodeos, watch races, enjoy concerts, view livestock and to check out all the food booths.

Weather in Arizona

Arizona is able to offer a lot of sunshine and great weather. It is during winter that the temperatures will be around the same temperatures that the southeast has during summer months, only without all the humidity. The average rainfall for Arizona can range to under 3 inches in the desert areas to over 30 inches for the mountain areas a year. You are able to find both sunny and dry days and the nights are a bit cooler. The biggest cities in Arizona will have more than 250 days of sunshine a year. Flagstaff is one of the cities that has cooler weather, for those who enjoy a change in the weather.

Scottsdale Culinary Festival

Each year there is the Culinary Festival that is hosted in Scottsdale, which is the culinary festival that is the longest running in the United States. It attracts well over 36,000 visitors every single year. This festival runs for 6 days and it showcases celebrity chefs, gourmet foods, fine wines, microbrews, and restaurants. Then there is the Sonoran Hot Dog which was created in Tucson, Arizona, which is considered to be a real culinary treat that is unique to Arizona. This is basically a hotdog that is wrapped in bacon and then served on toasted white bun. It then gets layered with jalapenos, chopped tomatoes, mayo, mustard, onions, and pinto beans. Arizona also has a lot of unique foods to offer like prickly pear margaritas, cactus jelly, and mesquite honey.

Interesting Arizona Facts

Located in Prescott, Arizona is the oldest rodeo in the world. It started in 1888 and it is for those who would like to try bull riding or just want to watch others handle the bulls.

Another interesting fact is that the original London Bridge that was in London, England was actually moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona and rededicated in 1971. That is pretty cool.

In Arizona, there are more than 25 Native American Tribes that are represented, and it represents the most percentage for the United States to have land designated for the Native Americans and it is referred to as the Indian Lands.

If you want to go back in time to the 1960’s, then there is the Tucson Folk Festival hosted in Tucson, Arizona. This festival attracts more than 10,000 folk music lovers and it is rated to be a top United States Folk Festivals, and it offers more than 20 hours of free live music which features Irish, old country, bluegrass and western music.

The housing located within Arizona is actually affordable. The median value for an Arizona home, according to recent data is just a bit more than $179,000 with the median for rentals being $1,100. Not to mention that there is the extra benefit of lower heating costs. You should keep in mind that it is cheaper to keep your home cooled than to heat it.

This is still a big kicker! Arizona does not tax Social Security Benefits! So, there is no estate tax, gift tax, or inheritance tax.

Retirement Communities Arizona

These are only some of the biggest reasons to retire in Arizona. Take a moment and share with us the reasons that you loved visiting Arizona or why you love living in Arizona. If you are thinking about retiring to Arizona, do not forget to check out the senior living services that we provide. Besides assisted living, we also offer home care services, memory care and independent living for the state of Arizona. All of our offered services are done by highly trained and skilled senior care providers at either one of our locations or in your home. Call us at 928-284-1021 for independent living information or at  928-284-9077 for assisted living information.