When Is It Time For Assisted Living
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When Is It Time For Assisted Living?

How do you know if now is the right time to consider transitioning a loved one into assisted living care? The signs below may indicate that a move to assisted living is necessary.

Signs That It Might Be Time For Assisted Living

Whenever family members or caregivers can no longer take care of the individual’s every need, it may be time to consider alternative care options. This, of course, can naturally lead to a transition into assisted living. Knowing when the time is right to make that transition is crucial, so keep an eye out for the following signs:

  • Increased Needs.
  • Behavior Changes.
  • Constant Confusion.
  • Unsafe Alone.
  • Physical Health Decline.
  • Caregiver Fatigue.

Increased Needs

The typical senior citizen living alone may require some assistance performing daily tasks. Things like reaching far away items or lifting heavy materials are not suitable for seniors. There may come a point in time, though, when more assistance is needed inside and outside the home. When you genuinely fear for a loved one’s safety while alone, it’s time to consider assisted living care.

Behavior Changes

Anyone suffering from dementia will begin behaving differently. While some behaviors may go unnoticed for the most part, other actions may be jarring. Watch for any changes in motor skills, behavior or the desire to stay isolated. Individuals suffering from dementia will become anxious, agitated and confused easily.

Constant Confusion

Dementia causes confusion and disorientation, which can lead to tragic car accidents, among other issues. Even in familiar settings, individuals may become lost and confused. Falls and injuries are unfortunately quite possible during this period.

Unsafe Alone

An individual suffering from dementia can become forgetful at times. This can lead to unfortunate accidents at home, such as misplacing things or leaving the oven on. Constantly forgetting to take necessary medications is one of the biggest reasons why assisted living care is needed.

Physical Health Decline

These can be the most obvious signs that it may be time for memory care. While battling Alzheimer’s or dementia, individuals tend to become thin or frail. Physical conditions can worsen if the individual also struggles to remember to take certain medications.

Caregiver Fatigue

This is an all-too-common reality for caregivers and family members alike. There may come a time when you reach a breaking point while caring for a senior. The level of commitment and care can become too much to handle for some. Now is the time to consider transitioning into assisted living communities.

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