Assisted Living Cost In Sedona
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Assisted Living Cost In Sedona

On average, assisted living in Sedona, Arizona costs $4,005 per month for the year 2021. Costs can range from $2,206 all the way to $5,084.

Average Assisted Living Costs

Other sources suggest a few different pricing options for assisted living care in Sedona. For instance, Senioradvice estimates costs range from $1,100-$6,700 per month. Costs will certainly vary based on patient needs, location and assisted living facility, among various factors.

According to Assistedliving, Sedona assisted living prices range from $2,930-$3,280 per month.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost In Sedona Arizona

Best Assisted Living In Sedona

Sedona is regarded as the most scenic city in all of Arizona. And that reason alone makes it a wonderful place to call home. Sedona Winds, located in the heart of the red rocks, offers stunning courtyard views, along with a 24-hour staff for every need. Settle for a one-bedroom or large studio apartment, or choose their two-story building to enjoy breathtaking views, daily. General maintenance, weekly laundry and deep cleaning of your apartment, an emergency call system, and a diverse activities program are all included when you choose Sedona Winds.

Sedona Winds offers:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care

Visit Sedona Winds website here.

Retire In Sedona, AZ

So why choose to retire in Sedona, AZ? Here are a few of the best things to do in Sedona for seniors:

  • Easy hiking trails
  • Horseback riding
  • Sightseeing

Hiking may seem like a daunting task, even as an active senior. Some hikes may be steep and dangerous, all while the constant heat in Sedona has to be accounted for. With hundreds of trails throughout Sedona, though, there is sure to be a light walk that suits your abilities. Hikes will range from strenuous to easy in Sedona, meaning anyone can find an appropriate trail to conquer. Take full advantage of all the beautiful trails and scenic overlooks offered in this gorgeous city.

For those looking for a slower-paced viewing of all Sedona has to offer, horseback rides may be a nice alternative to Jeep tours. Horseback riding can be the perfect way to cap off a fun evening or to wake up and enjoy the sunrise. Most horseback riding journeys will cost less than Jeep tours, but you may not cover as much ground. has more details on horseback riding.

Sightseeing is essential for any senior visiting the area or now calling it home. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is easily accessible from the road. This breathtaking Chapel was constructed more than 60 years ago, located in the buttes of Sedona. The Red Rock Scenic Byway is one of the most enjoyable car rides one can find in all of the United States. Drivers and passengers will undoubtedly get a gorgeous view of the red rocks day or night.

Find Assisted Living Communities In Sedona

Sedona Winds Retirement Community offers independent living in Sedona, Arizona, can help! Call us today at 928-985-6259 and learn more about our facility and what we have to offer today’s seniors.

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