What Are The Very Early Signs Of Dementia?
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What Are The Very Early Signs Of Dementia?

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Early Signs Of Dementia

Here are seven early signs of dementia to watch out for:

General Confusion

Dementia makes many things very difficult and confusing. One obvious sign is when an individual becomes confused about place and/or time, frequently. Dementia is known for making it hard to judge time and the passing of time. Difficulty with certain dates or recalling points in the past can be a sign of dementia, as well. It doesn’t just extend to place and time, though, as people experiencing memory loss will have a very difficult time trying to plan anything. Whether it is an event in the future or something that will happen momentarily, people with oncoming dementia can show general confusion.

Difficulty With Familiar Tasks

This is yet another obvious sign that you or a loved one is currently suffering. We are all creatures of habit, but when the typical daily endeavors become troublesome, this can lead to dementia. Simple activities like pouring a cup of coffee in the morning or sitting in a particular spot will now become challenging. They may not remember a part of a daily routine or completely alter it. Always be aware of changes in a person’s routine tasks as they can be very subtle.

Memory Loss

Memory loss is generally the first noticeable warning sign for anyone fearing a bout with dementia. This is the most common symptom of this unfortunate part of so many lives. As mentioned above, remembering dates and times will become a problem, but there are other ways to tell if dementia is looming. People with early dementia may start to rely more and more on others for basic needs. Friends or family members may now be tasked with keeping track of dates, doctors appointments, or even household items/possessions. Most people will forget things as they age, but if the issue persists, it is time to think about how to best care for your loved one.

Man With Dementia

Personality Changes

Speaking of clear signs of early dementia, you must monitor and document personality changes. Sure, everyone evolves and changes a bit as they grow, but dementia can cause abrupt alterations to one’s personality and demeanor. Mood swings are unfortunate, yet a common trait for those struggling with memory loss. People may become more anxious, fearful and/or irritable as time goes on. Bouts with depression or inappropriate behavior have been linked to dementia, as well.

Speaking And/Or Writing Issues

This symptom may be hard to diagnose, especially for someone who has always been an introvert. People with dementia can find it very difficult to engage others in any sort of conversation. They could also frequently forget things during a conversation, such as what was just said or the tone of the dialogue. Handwriting could also become noticeably tougher to read.

Poor Decision-Making

Poor decision-making directly relates to personality changes, mood swings and difficulty handling familiar tasks. Anyone suffering from early dementia will have a hard time being logical or understand what is fair. They can drastically change daily patterns or even make irrational purchases or decisions. Be mindful of appearance, as well. People with memory loss tend to care less about keeping themselves presentable.

Lack Of Socialization

Withdrawing more and more from the outside world can be a troubling sign. Whether it is at home or at work, people with dementia generally don’t want a lot of interaction. Regular hobbies or phone conversations may become a thing of the past.

Misplacing Things

A common sign of oncoming dementia is when someone continually misplaces items. It is a cause for concern when someone starts losing track of their keys and/or wallet, frequently. Even worse, some people with dementia may momentarily forget what their car keys are even for. Misplacing things is commonly linked with short-term memory loss.

Signs Of Dementia

Treatments for Dementia

Although there is no cure for dementia, there are steps you can take to make your loved one’s life a little easier. A good rule of thumb is to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.


Psychotherapy, in a specific behavioral approach, can be used to reduce the recurrence or severity of problematic behaviors, like improper conduct or aggression towards others.

Environmental Adjustments

Adjusting the environment can greatly increase their safety and comfort while decreasing their agitation. Home modifications for safety include removal of hazardous items, such as scissors or forks, harmful chemicals and tools. Use child-proof items like electrical outlet covers and door locks may also be used to limit access.


Although no medications are available to stop or cure dementia, there are medications that can be prescribed to decrease the dementia signs. Nowadays there are many types of drugs available for improving brain function. Usually, other psychotropic and anti-dementia drugs are prescribed.

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