Levels Of Care For Elderly
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Levels Of Care For Elderly

There are 6 levels of care for the elderly. Let’s take a look at all of these care options!

In-Home Care

Sometimes referred to as “aging in place”, in-home care is intended for seniors who need help around the home. Most of these seniors, though, still possess the necessary physical and mental capabilities to survive on their own for the time being. With in-home care, seniors can expect daily check-ins, help taking medication(s) and personal care assistance.

Staying home in a comfortable environment is a very appealing options for most seniors. The only downside associated with in-home care is this situation does not tend to last very long. Patients receiving in-home care tend to move onto independent or assisted living communities in the near future.

Independent Living

Independent living is merely a living arrangement for seniors that are 55 or older. There are a couple of omissions to this. Housing for seniors is going to differ in kinds like free-standing homes, senior retirement communities, and apartment living. Senior housing is going to have a friendly atmosphere, they are more compact, and are equipped to allow seniors to get around easily and all ground-work and/or maintenance is taken care of for them.

A lot of independent living communities are going to provide its residents with various activities and programs, other services, in addition to amenities. Independent living housing usually has a rec center and/or clubhouse that is going to allow seniors to interact with others their own age. Independent living also will have community participation in arts & crafts, holiday meeting, movie nights, and other kinds of activities.

Assisted Living

The biggest difference between assisted living and independent living is the amount of care provided. In an assisted living community or facility, the staff is much more attentive to the needs of all the residents. Daily services like help bathing, laundry, housekeeping and medical care will be offered. The majority of these communities will also have staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Overall cost is one of the deciding factors for most residents picking between assisted and independent offerings. The financial responsibilities for an assisted living resident will far outweigh those of an independent resident. Specific meal plans and round-the-clock care make assisted living the more expensive option of the two living situations. Typical costs like utilities and rent make up the majority of independent costs, unlike assisted living.

Respite Care

Respite care is the perfect compromise for seniors who are apprehensive about moving to an independent or assisted living community. This is known as the best care situation for elderly patients in transition. Of course, this care may last a long time or a very short time, depending on the senior’s overall condition. Essentially, respite care can be seen as a bit of a test run before a senior moves into a new care community.

Memory Care

Memory care services are usually offered in assisted living facilities. In addition to offering the standard services like meals every day, and personalized care services, assisted living facilities that offer memory care are required to have secured and safe outdoor areas in which their residents may enjoy without the risk of roaming.

Many facilities also have special programs that comprise of stable routines and therapeutic activities to encourage social interaction and cognitive engagement. Because of these enhanced security measures and program aspects, memory care usually costs 20 percent to 30 percent more than an assisted living facility.

Nursing Home Care

Undoubtedly the most concentrated living situation for seniors is nursing home care. Nursing homes will feature more invasive care than any other situation. Seniors who require frequent hospital visits and/or are in an overall health decline are urged to choose nursing homes.

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Christmas Crafts For Seniors
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Christmas Crafts For Seniors

Are you looking for some of the best and easiest crafts to make for the Christmas season? Seniors will love all of the following projects!

Cocoa Mugs

Nothing says holiday season quite like a hot cup of cocoa. For this craft, the instructions are simple and easy to follow. Begin by picking out either porcelain or ceramic mugs from any store of your choosing. Choose solid colors so your extra decorations can stand out as much as possible. Next, use some porcelain pens to decorate the mugs with various designs and/or patterns. Seal the artwork in by baking the mugs in the oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Personalize the cups by adding names of loved ones!

Materials Needed:

  • Porcelain or ceramic mug.
  • Porcelain pens.

Christmas Candy Containers

The holidays are meant for the sweet tooth. Make sure plenty of candy and treats are available for anyone stopping by to share the holiday spirit. Container designs are completely up to you! Presentation is key with this fun craft, so spruce it up as much as you’d like. Make the container look like a classic gumball machine or some other timeless design.

Materials Needed:

  • Any sort of candy container.
  • Pens, markers or paintbrushes.

Glitter Ornaments

Start this project by laying down some newspaper on a tabletop to prevent any glue from sticking to the area. Then, spread out several bowls, one for glue and another for the glitter. Hold the ornaments by the top loop and dip the body into the glue. Allow the excess glue to completely drip off, then begin sprinkling the glitter onto the ornament. Once dried, feel free to add paint or any other materials to the ornaments.

Materials Needed:

  • Two bowls.
  • Glitter.
  • Glue.
  • Paintbrushes.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Grab some cookie cutters and figure out how to best decorate them. Personalized them by adding pictures or names of loved ones. Use as many bright colors as possible, then add them to your Christmas tree.

Materials Needed:

  • Cookie cutters.
  • Blank ornaments.

Christmas Cards

Homemade Christmas cards can seem sort of old fashioned, yet these projects can be so fun to take part in. Giving your Christmas cards a personalized touch instead of sending them via email can really brighten your friends and family’s days.

Materials Needed:

  • Christmas cards.

Christmas Bow Wreath

A Christmas bow wreath is the perfect combination of two classic Christmas symbols. The Christmas wreath can be constructed mainly out of gift bows. This is a very easy craft to put together and it makes for a beautiful decoration.

Materials Needed:

  • Gift bows.
  • Christmas wreath.

Snow Globes

Making a snow globe can be one of the trickier crafts to attempt to create. However, making a waterless snow globes can be much easier. It will be a fun project and eventually become a joy to look at.

Materials Needed:

  • Snow globe.
  • Paintbrushes/paint.

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Stretches for Seniors

Stretches for Seniors

You don’t have to be a 4K runner to reap the benefits from a daily stretching routine. As we get older, we are more prone to have tighter muscles, in which could pull on our bones and other bodily structures, making us feel rigid, on the fritz and more.

Stretches for today’s seniors offers several benefits, comprising of:

  • Increases in blood flow
  • Increases range of motion, in which could aid in preventing injury
  • Reduction in stress
  • Elevated mood

How often and what needs to be stretched? It is recommended stretching every day and when you feel tight, sore or rigid. The following are stretches older adults can try:

Arm Opener Stretch

This will stretch both your arms, shoulders and chest area.

How it’s done: Stand comfortably with your feet apart and interlace your fingers behind you. Allow your hands to fall-down by your tailbone with your knuckles pointing down.

Stare straight ahead and keep your arms soft. Then slowly lift your arms as far away from your tailbone as possible.

Chin Drop Stretch

This stretch aids in neck pain and will stretch both your neck and shoulders.

How it’s done: Place your arms in the front of you with both of your elbows and your palms touching. Be sure your palms are facing towards your face. Then place your palms on top of your head, and lightly let your chin drop. You should be able to feel this stretch your neck and shoulders.

Hula Hoop Stretch

This stretch will increase mobility in your hips.

How it’s done: Stand with your feet placed together and put your hands on both your hips. Then—just as you would hula-hoop—circle your hips 5 times clockwise, and then 5 times counter-clockwise. Attempt to resist the movement of your shoulders and keep your stomach being pulled-in.

Yo-Yo Stretch

This stretch will aid in aligning your spine and for improved posture.

How it’s done: Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Position your toes somewhat out. Interlace your fingers with the palms facing outward and bring them up to your chest. Continue with this position and turn from side-to-side. Make sure you keep your lower body fixed and keep your head in-line with your torso.

Quad Pull Stretch

This will stretch your thighs and improve your mobility.

How it’s done: Stand having your feet together. place your arms on your sides. Utilize a wall or table for support and place your right hand on it. Balance yourself on your right leg. Move your left leg back until you are able grab it with your left hand. Be sure you maintain a direct line from your head to your tail-bone having your chest lifted.

Triceps Stretch

This will stretch both right and left triceps and improve mobility in your arms.

How it’s done: Stand with your feet about hip width apart. Raise your arms over head and maneuver your right arm so it is behind your head. Put your left hand just above your right elbow, and lightly bring your right arm in. Hold for ten to thirty seconds. Let go, switch your arms, and repeat.

Calf Stretch

This will stretch both of your right and left calves improving mobility.

How it’s done: Stand with your right leg in front of you and somewhat bent, and your left leg straight behind you. If you would prefer, carry out this stretch near a wall or counter, holding it for support.

Lightly press your left heel into the floor to feel a relaxed stretch. Hold for ten to thirty seconds. Let go, switch your arms, and repeat.

Speak With Your Doctor

When you stretch you should not experience any pain; stop immediately if you are experiencing any pain while stretching. Stretching improves flexibility and mobility and can reduce the possibility of injury. When you have any questions about starting a stretching routine, speak with your doctor. 

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How Much Does Independent Living Cost?

How Much Does Independent Living Cost?

The cost of independent living will vary by location, care given, and services provided.  Keep reading to find out the average costs of independent living.

On average, independent living costs around $3,750 each year with average costs ranging from $1,500 to $6,000 each year in 2021 as reported by whereyoulivematters.com.

Elmcroft backs this up by stating, “Depending upon the area of the country you live in and what type of services and amenities are included, the price range for independent living is generally between $1,500 and $6,000 a month.”

  1. A simple ‘Service Rate’ each month runs between $1,000 and $10,000, respectfully
  2. A lot of apartments run around $2,300 and $3,500.
  3. The one-time fees in which comprise of the admission and apartment preparation runs between $500 and $1,500.

The prices above are for informational purposes only, for educating those curious about senior housing’s general cost. A community’s particular price range will vary and might be different to the typical costs listed above.

Amenities and Service Costs

Monthly rent is going to typically include several services, like the following:

  • All utilities excluding phone services or extended cable.
  • They keep a full schedule for different activities, scheduled transportation for things like doctor’s appointments, off-site activities, and shopping, etc.
  • Housekeeping comes on a routine weekly basis, which comprises of washing bed linens and bath towels.
  • They offer one to three meals a day that are prepared by a chef and served in a restaurant-style dining area.
  • They offer maintenance for different contingents, like HVAC filter changes, repairs on appliances, and more.
  • Emergency systems are in place and they offer several security features.

Any added charges are going to generally be the admission and/or community fees (that are non-refundable), and can range between $750 – $1,500 on average, which will cover the managerial expenses and building renovation costs. An expense for a second individual, if there is going to be one living there, this cost is typically between $500 – $1,000 each month, which can be evaluated for couples.

It would be wise to compare the costs that are related with both, residing in a home as a single family and moving to an independent living community, seek out the financial impact of each prior to making any decisions. A good piece of advice –  “Small Expenses do make an Impact on Seniors Lifestyles.” Don’t take for granted or underestimate expenses that are spent on dining, and the expense put towards the purchase of personal items.

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What is Assisted Living?
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What is Assisted Living?


As the child of an elderly parent, you may find yourself asking, “What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a home-type care facility that offers personal and medical assistance for individuals (typically elderly adults) at the same time making their independence a priority. Individuals in need of assistance get services ranging from personal care and trained nursing to senior housing.

When your parent requires continual help in their day to day lives, it might be time to look into long-term care. To establish if an assisted living community is right for your parent, keep reading to see how they’re similar and different from a nursing home, which are maybe a more well-known form of elderly care service.

What Is Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home/Long-Term Care Home?

There are 2 primary differences between an assisted living facility (also called a retirement home) and a nursing home (also called long term care homes). First, they differ in their degree of the services and support they offer. Second, there’s a distinguishable physical difference between these kinds of elderly care facilities.

Difference Between the Degree of Care Offered

Nursing homes are known for offer 24-hour care for elderly patients that might need immediate medical attention at any time. Residents usually live with age-related ailments like Alzheimer’s or osteoporosis, in which makes it especially challenging for them to carry on by themselves.

Medical assistance is offered for individuals residing in nursing homes. This usually includes trained nursing care, breathing assistance, restroom assistance, full-time supervision, and emergency services.

At the same time, assisted living is usually offered for older individuals that might not have a serious illness that impacts their quality of life. Nevertheless, they still require some degree of care to help them keep as much of their independence as possible. Or they might want to spend less time with daily chores and enjoy their life without having to do them.

An assisted living facility is less centered on nursing and healthcare, and more about helping residents sustain a safe environment with a high level of freedom.

Differences Between the Homes Themselves

What are the main differences between assisted living vs. nursing homes? Since the degree of care and supervision differs, assisted living homes and nursing homes have a different appearance.

Nursing homes are going to have more of a hospital-type feel to them having hospital-like beds, medical equipment, and more comprehensive medical attention. However, nursing homes usually try to create a comfortable environment for residents so that it’s not completely clinical.

They usually have living areas, dining-rooms, and community areas that attempt to place a somewhat home-like environment in which games, entertainment, and other communal-based activities happen.

Assisted living facilities are different in that regard. You could be hard-pressed to see the differences between apartments or condo complexes and many assisted living facilities.

A lot of assisted living residences encourage a home-like setting, with residents customizing their living areas with décor and furniture of their own.

Comparisons Between Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes

Even though there are a couple of primary differences between nursing homes and assisted living facilities, each of them is senior living communities with a mission to guarantee their residents live as safely and comfortably as they can. Here are some of the principal likenesses between assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

  • Nutrition: Assisted living and nursing homes each guarantee their residents are well fed and on a routine 3 meals a day schedule.
  • Medication supervision: It’s not unusual for elderly individuals to need assistance remembering to take their meds. Having a supervising staff aids resident’s to stay on track with their wellbeing and avoid any misfortunes or possible emergency room visits.
  • An attention on quality of life: In either environment, residents are made to feel welcomed and part of larger communities. Beyond addressing straightforward physical requirements, these facilities want to guarantee residents feel fulfilled through hobbies, social involvement, spiritual passions, and other types of recreational activities.
  • Safety: Because safety is obviously a priority, facilities are probably going to have handrails and other safety measures in place for the prevention of falls and other possible risks for their residents. Additionally, the security of the facility might also include an alarm system and security guards for additional protection.
  • Assistance with day-to-day life: At either kind of location, help is provided for each resident subject to their degree of need. This might be helping your parent with their hygiene, restroom assistance, medication reminders, or strolling.

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What Are The Very Early Signs Of Dementia?
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What Are The Very Early Signs Of Dementia?

Whether you are searching online for “what are the very early stages of dementia” or “preventing dementia,” this post can help!

Early Signs Of Dementia

Here are seven early signs of dementia to watch out for:

General Confusion

Dementia makes many things very difficult and confusing. One obvious sign is when an individual becomes confused about place and/or time, frequently. Dementia is known for making it hard to judge time and the passing of time. Difficulty with certain dates or recalling points in the past can be a sign of dementia, as well. It doesn’t just extend to place and time, though, as people experiencing memory loss will have a very difficult time trying to plan anything. Whether it is an event in the future or something that will happen momentarily, people with oncoming dementia can show general confusion.

Difficulty With Familiar Tasks

This is yet another obvious sign that you or a loved one is currently suffering. We are all creatures of habit, but when the typical daily endeavors become troublesome, this can lead to dementia. Simple activities like pouring a cup of coffee in the morning or sitting in a particular spot will now become challenging. They may not remember a part of a daily routine or completely alter it. Always be aware of changes in a person’s routine tasks as they can be very subtle.

Memory Loss

Memory loss is generally the first noticeable warning sign for anyone fearing a bout with dementia. This is the most common symptom of this unfortunate part of so many lives. As mentioned above, remembering dates and times will become a problem, but there are other ways to tell if dementia is looming. People with early dementia may start to rely more and more on others for basic needs. Friends or family members may now be tasked with keeping track of dates, doctors appointments, or even household items/possessions. Most people will forget things as they age, but if the issue persists, it is time to think about how to best care for your loved one.

Man With Dementia

Personality Changes

Speaking of clear signs of early dementia, you must monitor and document personality changes. Sure, everyone evolves and changes a bit as they grow, but dementia can cause abrupt alterations to one’s personality and demeanor. Mood swings are unfortunate, yet a common trait for those struggling with memory loss. People may become more anxious, fearful and/or irritable as time goes on. Bouts with depression or inappropriate behavior have been linked to dementia, as well.

Speaking And/Or Writing Issues

This symptom may be hard to diagnose, especially for someone who has always been an introvert. People with dementia can find it very difficult to engage others in any sort of conversation. They could also frequently forget things during a conversation, such as what was just said or the tone of the dialogue. Handwriting could also become noticeably tougher to read.

Poor Decision-Making

Poor decision-making directly relates to personality changes, mood swings and difficulty handling familiar tasks. Anyone suffering from early dementia will have a hard time being logical or understand what is fair. They can drastically change daily patterns or even make irrational purchases or decisions. Be mindful of appearance, as well. People with memory loss tend to care less about keeping themselves presentable.

Lack Of Socialization

Withdrawing more and more from the outside world can be a troubling sign. Whether it is at home or at work, people with dementia generally don’t want a lot of interaction. Regular hobbies or phone conversations may become a thing of the past.

Misplacing Things

A common sign of oncoming dementia is when someone continually misplaces items. It is a cause for concern when someone starts losing track of their keys and/or wallet, frequently. Even worse, some people with dementia may momentarily forget what their car keys are even for. Misplacing things is commonly linked with short-term memory loss.

Signs Of Dementia

Treatments for Dementia

Although there is no cure for dementia, there are steps you can take to make your loved one’s life a little easier. A good rule of thumb is to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.


Psychotherapy, in a specific behavioral approach, can be used to reduce the recurrence or severity of problematic behaviors, like improper conduct or aggression towards others.

Environmental Adjustments

Adjusting the environment can greatly increase their safety and comfort while decreasing their agitation. Home modifications for safety include removal of hazardous items, such as scissors or forks, harmful chemicals and tools. Use child-proof items like electrical outlet covers and door locks may also be used to limit access.


Although no medications are available to stop or cure dementia, there are medications that can be prescribed to decrease the dementia signs. Nowadays there are many types of drugs available for improving brain function. Usually, other psychotropic and anti-dementia drugs are prescribed.

Read more tips to treating dementia right here.

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Christmas Wishes For Seniors
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Funny Christmas Quotes For Seniors

Are you looking for some funny Christmas quotes this holiday season to send to a loved one? Here are 30 humorous quotes that perfectly sum up this special time of year.

Funny Christmas Quotes

  1. “One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.” – Andy Rooney
  2. “Christmas is like candy; it slowly melts in your mouth, sweetening every taste bud, making you wish it could last forever.” – Richelle E. Goodrich
  3. “That’s what Christmas memories are made from. They’re not planned, they’re not scheduled, nobody puts them in their blackberry; they just happen.” – Deck The Halls (2006)
  4. “Christmas is a baby shower that went totally overboard.” – Andy Borowitz
  5. “Christmas to a child is the first terrible proof that to travel hopefully is better than to arrive.” – Stephen John Fry
  6. “Bloody Christmas, here again, let us raise a loving cup, peace on earth, goodwill to men, and make them do the washing up.’ – Wendy Cope
  7. “For a couple hours out of the whole year, we are the people we always hoped we would be.” – Bill Murray
  8. “You’re a lot like some of my Christmas tree ornaments: bright, colorful, and a little bit cracked.” – Unknown
  9. “A Christmas tree, the perfect gift for a guy. The plant is already dead.” – Jay Leno
  10. “Christmas: the only time of the year you can sit in front of a dead tree eating candy out of socks.” – Anonymous
  11. “It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters; it’s who is around it.” – Anonymous
  12. “May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter.” – Anon
  13. “Anyone who believes that men are the equal of women has never seen a man trying to wrap a Christmas present.” – Unknown
  14. “Sending Christmas cards is a good way to let your friends and family know that you think they’re worth the price of a stamp.” – Melanie White
  15. “Even before Christmas has said hello, it’s saying ‘buy buy.'” – Robert Paul
  16. “Christmas is the magical time of year… I just watch all my money magically disappear.” – Unknown
  17. “If you can’t wrap Christmas presents well, at least make it look like they put up a good fight.” – Unknown
  18. “Once again we come to the holiday season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.” – Dave Barry
  19. “What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.” – Phyllis Diller
  20. “Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year.” – Victor Borge
  21. “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and receipts for all major purchases.” – Bridger Winegar
  22. “You know you’re getting old when Santa starts looking younger.” – Robert Paul
  23. “At Christmas tea is compulsory. Relatives are optional.” – Robert Godden
  24. “My husband’s idea of getting the Christmas spirit is to become Scrooge.” – Melanie White
  25. “Three phases that sum up Christmas are: peace on earth, goodwill to men, and batteries not included.” – Unknown
  26. “Oh for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money.” – Olivia Haigh Williams
  27. “Next to a circus there ain’t nothing that packs up and tears out faster than the Christmas spirit.” – Frank McKinney Hubbard
  28. “Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.” – Unknown
  29. “Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.” – Gary Allan
  30. “Love is what is in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” – Anon

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Physical Games For Seniors

Physical Games For Seniors

With dozens of activities available at independent and assisted living facilities, we’ve compiled a list of the best physical games for seniors. Whether the goal is to exercise, socialize or stimulate the mind, these four games are perfect for today’s active senior citizens.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball’s history goes back further than one would ever guess. The sport’s first reference dates back to 5200 B.C., in fact. English scientist, Sir Francis Petrial, discovered a painting of two children playing the sport of Bocce Ball in an ancient Egyptian Tomb. By 600 B.C. the sport had made its way to Greece, eventually gaining popularity in Holland, Flanders and Belgium, as well. In 1896, the sport took center stage, with the first Bocce Olympiad being held in Athens. The Bocce boom officially began taking place in the United States by the late 1980’s, paving the way for it to become one of the most popular games for seniors today.

Game Rules

Open Bocce is perfect for casual Bocce players due mostly to the ability to play seemingly anywhere. Eight balls, plus a pallino (smaller ball) can be used for up to 2, 4, 6 or 8 players on the same court. A random participant is chosen to throw the pallino, which is the same player who tosses the first bocce ball. This participant is now considered “inside” because his or her ball is now closet to the pallino, by default. This player loses his second turn until a different player puts their ball closer to the pallino. All players now throw their own ball, with the closest to the pallino awarded one point. Additional points are earned for every one of the leader’s balls closer to the pallino than opponent’s balls. The frame is over after all players have tossed their balls, with 13 total points awarded for the overall winner.

Health Benefits

Bocce Ball is ideal for stress relief, mental stimulation, and can improve flexibility.


Yoga is a highly effective practice for senior citizens. The controlled body positions, stretches and focus are perfect for mental and physical well-being. Achieving deep spiritual tranquility is a main priority for all yoga participants. The practice of yoga is believed to be more than 5,000 years old, and remains common today, especially among seniors. Yoga is a great way to stretch and exercise one’s body and spirit.

Health Benefits

Of the multiple benefits from yoga, weight loss is at the top of the list. With the weight reduction, metabolism is balanced, as well. Blood sugar and blood pressure could lower as a result of yoga participation. Increased muscle strength, flexibility and balance could come courtesy of yoga. The activity has been proven to improve cardiovascular and blood circulation.


Shuffleboard began being played in English pubs around the 15th century. The game has constantly changed and adapted with the times, but the rules have remained generally the same. For seniors, this is by far one of the most popular sports to play today.

Game Rules

As stated in the previous outline, rules of the game can be altered, but the objectives have always been in place. Outdoor and indoor versions of shuffleboard can vary, while undoubtedly requiring skill to emerge victorious. A player wins when reaching a score of 15, but some tournaments may require 21 points as the benchmark. Taking alternate turns, each player slides their four weights across the opponent’s board. The objective is simple: slide your weights into the area with the highest available scoring value. Players can knock an opponent’s weights off the board with their own weights, or use them to protect their score on the other end of the board.

Health Benefits

Shuffleboard reduces stress, while increasing heart rate at the same time. Mental stimulation is an added benefit to the obvious workout for several muscle groups.

Line Dancing

It is recommended that all human beings, especially seniors, should incorporate at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in their daily routine. A great way to hit that goal is by participating in line dancing classes. Line dancing is great for the heart, and above all else keeps you healthy and in shape. The activity is perfect for beginners who may not have the greatest rhythm or timing when it comes to the world of dance.

Health Benefits

Line dancing has a plethora of health benefits. The obvious benefits include improving stamina, balance and posture. The constant movement has been shown to lower stress and improve stamina over time. In addition, an avid line dancer should see a lowered risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and heart disease.

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Benefits of Independent Living

Benefits Of Independent Living

Do you want to find out more about the “benefits of independent living”? This post by Sedona Winds Retirement can help. If you are worried about the security and safety of your elderly loved one, you may want to consider independent living. Independent living is ideal for seniors who can still live without needing assistance but relish in the peace of mind of having assistance if or when it is needed.

With high-quality, apartment living, today’s seniors can move from their high priced, high-maintenance houses easier than ever. These communities are designed for its residents to find their way around easily (whether a resident is wheelchair bound, needs a walker or in maybe even mobile), as they are small, compact and free of potential dangers.

Senior Social Connections

Independent living wants its residents to participate in the community at a level they are comfortable with. With events year-round, intimate movie nights, physical fitness centers, and barbers and beauty salons, all within walking distance, they can easily reach out and communicate with the rest of the fellow seniors and the community.

24 Hour Security and Safety

24-hour security and safety means taking care of access to the community and its residents. This also means ensuring that our residents’ needs are taken care of and emergencies are identified and replied to promptly. Independent living communities deal with this by taking care of all the maintenance, providing 24-hour security and safety.

Senior Independence Time

One of the most popular reasons that today’s senior’s transition from their homes to independent living is the independence they acquire. Moving from a regular house reduces personal duties, errands and time spent on maintaining their home. Residents also find that independent living gives them time to find out about other activities and hobbies.

Independent living communities have the same intentions as its seniors – to keep them as independent as they can without infringing on their self-respect or privacy. This means they only provide assistance as the residents need it. Some additional community tasks include housekeeping, laundry services, and planned transportation, as well as a 24 hour emergency response network, and a highly skilled and trained nursing staff.

Independent Living Features

With each monthly payment, they will be able to treat themselves to any number of services the community makes available. Even though more advanced medical care services are likely to come at added costs, staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 a week to make sure their needs are met accordingly.

Of the many advantages to independent living, the main one’s seniors look for include:

  • Utilities Pre-Paid Monthly
  • Completely Furnished Living Areas And Stylish Floor Plans
  • Refined Meal Choices And Plans
  • Housekeeping And Laundry Services
  • Gyms And Fitness Centers
  • Quiet Reading Areas
  • Staff Available 24/7
  • Security And Emergency Services
  • Available Transportation

Find Independent Living In Sedona

Sedona Winds Retirement Community offers independent living in Sedona, Arizona, can help! Call us today at 928-985-6259 and learn more about our facility and what we have to offer today’s seniors.

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Senior Living Sedona

If you are searching for Senior Living in Sedona, Arizona, Sedona Winds can help. We offer assisted living, independent living, and memory care services.

Who wouldn’t want to retire in Sedona! Sedona Winds Retirement Community is located in the heart of Sedona’s Village of Oak Creek, right next to everything you or your loved one will need… spectacular shopping, amazing restaurants, top notch golf courses, and medical centers. Sedona Winds is one of the best locations in Northern Arizona for a Retirement Community!

Assisted Living In Sedona, AZ

Seniors that can benefit from daily help but who are not totally dependent may be a good reason to move to a assisted living facility. There are many advantages to living in assisted living, and with most things, some will come with drawbacks. That is why it’s imperative for family members and their loved ones to have an honest and sincere talk early on about their living alternatives.

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Independent Living In Sedona, AZ

Independent living is housing meant for seniors that are near the age of 55 or older. Housing for these seniors will range in types such as separate housing, retirement communities, and apartments. Senior housing will have a warm setting and are designed purposely to let seniors get around easier. Plus, all the yard and grounds maintenance will be done for them.

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Memory Care In Sedona, AZ

Memory care is a distinctive type of long term senior care that has been designed to focus on certain needs of those who suffer from memory issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  A caretaker may not have the ability to give a senior the care they require 24 hours a day, and most homes are not equipped to support the individual needs of those suffering memory loss.

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Sedona Winds Retirement Community Is Located In Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Winds is located at 405 Jacks Canyon Rd, Sedona, AZ 86351 on the southwest corner of Suncliffe Dr. and Jacks Canyon Rd. Get in touch with us to schedule a tour at one of our facilities.

Find Senior Living In Other Areas Of Arizona

Senior Living Services (SLS Communities) has many different senior living options in Arizona.

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