Easy Crafts For Seniors With Dementia
Written by Brian B

Easy Crafts For Seniors With Dementia

Here are five easy crafts that all seniors suffering from dementia will love.

Crafts For Seniors With Dementia

It’s important to choose activities that do not have a set of rules. You want to use these crafts as tools to engage your loved one mentally. Fun activities have been proven to reduce not only depression but agitation, as well. Always remember that safety comes first, even with these easy activities. Avoid the possibility of any injury risks or dangers.

1. Homemade Play Dough

Everyone, especially seniors, can enjoy some homemade play dough. Let your loved one’s creative side take over as they begin molding shapes out of play dough. Grab a few cookie cutters to make this enjoyable task easier. You can store the play dough anywhere except the fridge, before and after the activity. Also, keep away from any potentially toxic play dough mixes. Mix in a few drops of essential oils to make this task more relaxing for you and your loved one.

Supplies Needed:

  • Play dough.
  • Cookie cutters.
  • Essential oils.

2. Fun With Pipes And Fittings

It’s quite possible that the senior individual did enjoy some handy work as a homeowner. Remind them of the good ol’ days with this task. Gather a few lengths of PVC piping and some fittings, and that’s it! You are good to go for this activity. Watch and enjoy as this task could do wonders for the senior’s self-esteem.

Supplies Needed:

  • Fittings.
  • PVC piping.
  • Elbows.
  • T-joints.

3.  Magnetic Letters

Let your loved one find and create as many words with magnetic letters spread over a baking sheet. This task will undoubtedly get the mind moving and engaged.

Supplies Needed:

  • Magnetic letters.
  • Baking sheet.

Magnetic Letters

4. Flower Arrangements

Try this activity for seniors who enjoyed planting and gardening in their own yards. Arranging flowers can easily take them back to a happier time and place. It is also a great way to help them flex their creative muscles, at the same time. This is another activity that you can help participate in.

Supplies Needed:

  • Artificial flowers.
  • Florist foam.
  • Plastic vase.

5. Scrapbooking

This activity will require a few more supplies than the other ones previously listed. You will need to grab a notebook, magazines, newspapers and scissors. Have your loved one look through the literature, while cutting out letters and words of their choosing. Piece it all together at the end.

Supplies Needed:

  • Magazines.
  • Notebook.
  • Catalogs.
  • Newspaper.
  • Glue stick.
  • Scissors.

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