Levels Of Care For Elderly
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Levels Of Care For Elderly

There are 6 levels of care for the elderly. Let’s take a look at all of these care options!

In-Home Care

Sometimes referred to as “aging in place”, in-home care is intended for seniors who need help around the home. Most of these seniors, though, still possess the necessary physical and mental capabilities to survive on their own for the time being. With in-home care, seniors can expect daily check-ins, help taking medication(s) and personal care assistance.

Staying home in a comfortable environment is a very appealing options for most seniors. The only downside associated with in-home care is this situation does not tend to last very long. Patients receiving in-home care tend to move onto independent or assisted living communities in the near future.

Independent Living

Independent living is merely a living arrangement for seniors that are 55 or older. There are a couple of omissions to this. Housing for seniors is going to differ in kinds like free-standing homes, senior retirement communities, and apartment living. Senior housing is going to have a friendly atmosphere, they are more compact, and are equipped to allow seniors to get around easily and all ground-work and/or maintenance is taken care of for them.

A lot of independent living communities are going to provide its residents with various activities and programs, other services, in addition to amenities. Independent living housing usually has a rec center and/or clubhouse that is going to allow seniors to interact with others their own age. Independent living also will have community participation in arts & crafts, holiday meeting, movie nights, and other kinds of activities.

Assisted Living

The biggest difference between assisted living and independent living is the amount of care provided. In an assisted living community or facility, the staff is much more attentive to the needs of all the residents. Daily services like help bathing, laundry, housekeeping and medical care will be offered. The majority of these communities will also have staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Overall cost is one of the deciding factors for most residents picking between assisted and independent offerings. The financial responsibilities for an assisted living resident will far outweigh those of an independent resident. Specific meal plans and round-the-clock care make assisted living the more expensive option of the two living situations. Typical costs like utilities and rent make up the majority of independent costs, unlike assisted living.

Respite Care

Respite care is the perfect compromise for seniors who are apprehensive about moving to an independent or assisted living community. This is known as the best care situation for elderly patients in transition. Of course, this care may last a long time or a very short time, depending on the senior’s overall condition. Essentially, respite care can be seen as a bit of a test run before a senior moves into a new care community.

Memory Care

Memory care services are usually offered in assisted living facilities. In addition to offering the standard services like meals every day, and personalized care services, assisted living facilities that offer memory care are required to have secured and safe outdoor areas in which their residents may enjoy without the risk of roaming.

Many facilities also have special programs that comprise of stable routines and therapeutic activities to encourage social interaction and cognitive engagement. Because of these enhanced security measures and program aspects, memory care usually costs 20 percent to 30 percent more than an assisted living facility.

Nursing Home Care

Undoubtedly the most concentrated living situation for seniors is nursing home care. Nursing homes will feature more invasive care than any other situation. Seniors who require frequent hospital visits and/or are in an overall health decline are urged to choose nursing homes.

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