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Stretches for Seniors

Stretches for Seniors

You don’t have to be a 4K runner to reap the benefits from a daily stretching routine. As we get older, we are more prone to have tighter muscles, in which could pull on our bones and other bodily structures, making us feel rigid, on the fritz and more.

Stretches for today’s seniors offers several benefits, comprising of:

  • Increases in blood flow
  • Increases range of motion, in which could aid in preventing injury
  • Reduction in stress
  • Elevated mood

How often and what needs to be stretched? It is recommended stretching every day and when you feel tight, sore or rigid. The following are stretches older adults can try:

Arm Opener Stretch

This will stretch both your arms, shoulders and chest area.

How it’s done: Stand comfortably with your feet apart and interlace your fingers behind you. Allow your hands to fall-down by your tailbone with your knuckles pointing down.

Stare straight ahead and keep your arms soft. Then slowly lift your arms as far away from your tailbone as possible.

Chin Drop Stretch

This stretch aids in neck pain and will stretch both your neck and shoulders.

How it’s done: Place your arms in the front of you with both of your elbows and your palms touching. Be sure your palms are facing towards your face. Then place your palms on top of your head, and lightly let your chin drop. You should be able to feel this stretch your neck and shoulders.

Hula Hoop Stretch

This stretch will increase mobility in your hips.

How it’s done: Stand with your feet placed together and put your hands on both your hips. Then—just as you would hula-hoop—circle your hips 5 times clockwise, and then 5 times counter-clockwise. Attempt to resist the movement of your shoulders and keep your stomach being pulled-in.

Yo-Yo Stretch

This stretch will aid in aligning your spine and for improved posture.

How it’s done: Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Position your toes somewhat out. Interlace your fingers with the palms facing outward and bring them up to your chest. Continue with this position and turn from side-to-side. Make sure you keep your lower body fixed and keep your head in-line with your torso.

Quad Pull Stretch

This will stretch your thighs and improve your mobility.

How it’s done: Stand having your feet together. place your arms on your sides. Utilize a wall or table for support and place your right hand on it. Balance yourself on your right leg. Move your left leg back until you are able grab it with your left hand. Be sure you maintain a direct line from your head to your tail-bone having your chest lifted.

Triceps Stretch

This will stretch both right and left triceps and improve mobility in your arms.

How it’s done: Stand with your feet about hip width apart. Raise your arms over head and maneuver your right arm so it is behind your head. Put your left hand just above your right elbow, and lightly bring your right arm in. Hold for ten to thirty seconds. Let go, switch your arms, and repeat.

Calf Stretch

This will stretch both of your right and left calves improving mobility.

How it’s done: Stand with your right leg in front of you and somewhat bent, and your left leg straight behind you. If you would prefer, carry out this stretch near a wall or counter, holding it for support.

Lightly press your left heel into the floor to feel a relaxed stretch. Hold for ten to thirty seconds. Let go, switch your arms, and repeat.

Speak With Your Doctor

When you stretch you should not experience any pain; stop immediately if you are experiencing any pain while stretching. Stretching improves flexibility and mobility and can reduce the possibility of injury. When you have any questions about starting a stretching routine, speak with your doctor. 

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